Moisture Eliminator Packs

High efficiency and low resistance eliminator blades available either as loose blades with holders and spacers or completely framed as assembled modules. As a result of our product research the accurately roll formed blade has proven successful in all types industrial applications. We offer two blade profiles available in galvanized or stainless steel, 4-B (four bend) blade for light duty moisture removal encountered in the downstream of cooling coil banks. 6B (six bend) blade used where heavy moisture loads are encountered in spray scrubbers and air washers. Frames can be fabricated out of galvanized, stainless, or carbon steel also painted to specification.


Specifications · Eliminator Blades


Blade Depth

11-3/4" - 6-B
6-7/8" - 4-B

Air Flow Range

400 to 600 FPM

Blade Material

Stainless Steel

Eliminator Blades  
The ACT design, high efficiency and low resistance eliminator blades are now available either as loose blades with necessary holders and spacers or as completely framed and assembled packs. The accuracy of the rolled formed blade section is the result of product research and has been proven in many successful applications in all types of industries.

The 4-B type four bend blade is used for light duty moisture arrestance such as is encountered downstream of cooling coil banks, sprayed coil dehumidifiers and evaporative media type coolers. This blade is approximately 6 7/8” deep, has 4 surfaces with 30 degree deflections and three effective hooks for entrapping water droplets. Integral down comers are formed at each hook providing adequate drainage even at high moisture loading. Top and bottom holders are notched formed members that hold the blades securely and accurately space them on 1.176” centers. For very light moisture loads such as downstream of cooling coil banks, the 4-B blades can be spaces at 2.35” centers. The longer blades assemblies are also provided with notched channel shaped intermediate spacers. These members are supplied in pairs, one for the entering and one for the leaving face of the pack and are held in place with “J” hooks to maintain the correct blade spacing and to limit the unsupported blade length to 50 inches.

Heavy moisture loads such as encountered in spray type scrubbers and air washers will require the 6-B type, six bend, which is 11 ¾” deep, has six surfaces, 30 degree deflections, four effective hooks with integral down comers and are spaced at 1.176” on centers. The type 6-B is supported the same as the 4-B.

These eliminator blades work most efficiently in the air flow range of 400-600 FPM. It is not recommended that they be operated below 300 FPM or above 700 FPM. Maximum single blade length is 150” but higher banks can be designed by arranging the blades two or more tiers high. In these assemblies moisture collected by upper tiers must be individually drained and not allowed to pour over lower portions of the bank. Installation should always position the blades with hooks facing upstream.

Both the 4-B and 6-B blades are normally formed from 24 gauge galvanized steel with the top & bottom supports and intermediate spacers made of 14 gauge galvanized steel. Other material is available, such as Stainless Steel, Aluminum, please consult factory.

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