A carefully constructed state-of-the-art test facility delivers fast and accurate performance measurements for a wide variety of fans and related equipment. The AMCA compliant cell and computerized data acquisition deliver repeatable results which are more accurate than test cells that measure airflow at the fan. AirFlo Cooling Technologies ability to test larger fans means that data scaled from model tests can be verified by full size fan tests to ensure accuracy of performance modeling algorithms.


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Width 20 ft
Height 20 ft
Length 60 ft
Fan Dia. 2' - 12'
Electric Motor AC 150 hp
Test Cell Size Test cell chamber inside dimensions are 20' wide x 20' high x 60' long.

Motor Drive  
A 150 HP AC electric motor is controlled by a 200 HP variable frequency drive. A two step belt drive system is utilized to achieve speed reductions or speed increases at the fan shaft, depending on the size fan being tested.

Power Measurements  
Interchangeable fan shafts with factory calibrated in line torque meters are used to match range of instrument accuracy to fan diameter for each test set up. Solid state optical speed sensors measure fan shaft RPM.

Air Measurements  
CFM is measured by pressure drop through a bank of 25 AMCA standard nozzles that can be configured to match fan diameter. Static pressure is measured by static ports in the test fan chamber.

  • Test fan diameter from 2' - 12'.
  • Static pressure capabilities up to 5 inches water column measured with calibrated electronic manometers.
  • Simultaneous collection of sound data and the air side performance using microphones in hemispherical array.
  • Complete airport quality on-site weather station with automatic correction of air density to standard air conditions
  • Flexible test cell design allows fast set up and tear down to maximize fan configurations that can be evaluated.

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Fully Certified Air Cooling Installations Member of CTI, A.P.I. approved sound testing, all instruments calibrated
and traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology.